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VPN Secure is a rather new company that started in 2010 in Brisbane, Australia. Up until now, they managed to develop the server network, which is spread over 42 countries, and currently they service thousands of clients all over the world.

In our VPN Secure review we found their main focus is to offer concerned customers a secure networking solution that will protect them from prying eyes. To fulfill their mission, the entire company is in a continuous development, investing in infrastructure and software solutions


They are a great solution for end-users, as they offer advanced features and affordable prices with a variety of packages that can fit any budget. The good impression starts with the site, where users can find a modern-looking design and an impressive content organization. The fact that they claim to not keep any logs or records is a definite advantage in front of many solutions on the market because this is the only way to ensure complete privacy.

As a paying user, you will have access to a plethora of locations worldwide, allowing you to use any online streaming

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