Wall Street Takeover? Blythe Masters Gobbling Up Block Chain Companies Left and Right

Digital-Asset-Holdings-Blythe-MastersBlythe Masters, the Wall Street banker famous for being called “the woman who invented financial weapons of mass destruction” in regards to credit default swaps, a key misuse of which contributed greatly to the financial meltdown at the end of the last decade, has made yet another move in the cryptocurrency space.

The firm she heads, Digital Asset Holdings, has acquired two start-ups in the space the firm aims to reign in: HyperLedger and Bits of Proof. HyperLedger may seem familiar, as it has made headline after headline. The “distributed asset ledger” company did not focus solely on Bitcoin, or any cryptocurrency for that matter, but rather focused on the larger benefits that could be had from block chain technology. In essence, HyperLedger is very much what Masters and Co. are looking for in a block chain start-up: great minds without so much Bitcoin.

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Bits of Proof is

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