Was a Bizarre $600K Bitcoin Lottery Really a Marriage Proposal?

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An 18-year-old Redditor, a puzzling benefactor, a matrimony proposal, and a $600,000 cryptocurrency lottery: these are a mixture for a bizarre story, even by a common standards of a bizarro temperament games that disease bitcoin.

Two weeks ago, a Reddit user sanctimonious to be a hacker who stole $65 million from a bitcoin exchange announced that they would give divided 1,000 bitcoins, value around $600,000 USD, to one propitious chairman in a week’s time. The post perceived some-more than 7,000 comments from carefree people posting their bitcoin addresses, though a accord was that a lottery was expected a goblin or a scam.

That user—”rekcahxfb,” or “BFX hacker” backwards, referencing a name of a hacked exchange, Bitfinex—proved everybody wrong. Well, arrange of. Maybe.

Last Thursday morning, reckahxfb announced that Reddit user “TheTwistedTwo” was a winner, and 1,000 coins were eliminated to the bitcoin residence that TheTwistedTwo posted in a lottery thread. The coins were roughly immediately changed from that wallet to another wallet. The third wallet has a open note trustworthy that reads: “Please send me some money. I’m really poor.”

Redditors and bitcoin experts comparison guessed during countless explanations for a lottery, that ranged from awkward money

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