Was a Bizarre $600K Bitcoin Lottery Really a Marriage Proposal?

An 18-year-old Redditor, a mysterious benefactor, a marriage proposal, and a $600,000 cryptocurrency lottery: these are the ingredients for a strange story, even by the usual standards of the bizarro identity games that plague bitcoin.

Two weeks ago, a Reddit user pretending to be the hacker who stole $65 million from a bitcoin exchange announced that they would give away 1,000 bitcoins, worth around $600,000 USD, to one lucky person in a week’s time. The post received more than 7,000 comments from hopeful people posting their bitcoin addresses, but the consensus was that the lottery was likely a troll or a scam.

That user—”rekcahxfb,” or “BFX hacker” backwards, referencing the name of the hacked exchange, Bitfinex—proved everybody wrong. Well, sort of. Maybe.

Last Thursday morning, reckahxfb announced that Reddit user “TheTwistedTwo” was the winner, and 1,000 coins were transferred to the bitcoin address that TheTwistedTwo posted in the lottery thread. The coins were almost immediately moved from that wallet to another wallet. The third wallet has a public note attached that reads: “Please send me some money. I’m very poor.”

Redditors and bitcoin experts alike guessed at numerous explanations for the lottery, which ranged from clumsy money

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