Watch Out: That Windows 10 Update Might Be Ransomware



Windows 10 Upgrade

Bitdefender investigate reveals criminals are promulgation out Windows 10 ascent emails to costume CTB Locker ransomware

PC users still looking to upgrade their computers to Windows 10 are being warned to entirely check any new alerts they accept following reports criminals are disguising malware as Microsoft updates.



Researchers from confidence organisation Bitdefender Labs have found that cybercriminals are swelling a CTB Locker ransomware around feign emails purporting to come from Microsoft and charity users Windows 10 designation kits.

If installed, a ransomware encrypts files on a targeted PC and final that dual Bitcoins, value roughly £360 ($600), be paid within 96 hours in sequence to revive them (pictured below).

Tips on how to set privacy settings in Windows 10


windows 10 ascent ransomware“This program recover creates a ideal context for cybercriminals and they’re fully

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