Weekend Wrap-up: LendingClub, Bitcoin, Visa Everywhere, and a new commerce

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The weekend is here! A ideal time for camping, a beach, get-togethers, and throwing on this week’s tip PYMNTS stories. What’s on a menu, we ask? We’re portion adult a four-course dish on LendingClub, Bitcoin, a Visa Everywhere contest, and Karen Webster’s latest opinion piece. Get a 411:

LendingClub’s Skyrocketing Charge-Offs

Proving a aged proverb that troubles never transport alone and instead select to hunt in packs – LendingClub is confronting nonetheless another headwind in a whirly they’ve gifted given spring. Read more.

Meet YoCoin: The Bitcoin Alternative

There’s another digital banking in town, and the name is YoCoin. The doubt is: Can YoCoin give bitcoin a run for the money? We’ll have to wait and see. But YoCoin is pitching itself as a “new cryptocurrency with mainstream appeal.” Read more.

Three Startups Shaping The Future of Commerce

Messaging. Social engagement. The API to order them all. These 3 startups see a

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