Weekly Bitcoin Price Analysis; Trying To Break Free

While a Greeks’ No-vote with courtesy to a rescue understanding for their debt crises by European financial institutions put bond investors in a panic on Monday, 6 Jul 2015, a Bitcoin cost soared to a top 10% of a pouch of a 1-day 200MA to $275 and 1700 CNY. Bitcoin investors were wondering either a cost will keep rising or make a downward bend after a Greece hype. Technical indications in a Bitcoin cost draft and tellurian markets competence give an denote of a instruction Bitcoin prices were heading.

Bitcoin cost chart_Bitstamp, as of Monday, 6 Jul 2015

Bitcoin cost chart_Bitstamp, as of Monday, 6 Jul 2015

It was suspected that, with a RSI and double stochastic dissimilarity compounding, prices competence fall. Although MACD was not confirming a downward movement, a fact that this competence turn a existence was shown by a fact that a volume of trade had decreased. The stochastic were also now display a really high overbought, that in a past, had been an denote of call highs and lows.

It was suspected that marketplace greeting to a European trade event could change this analysis. Gaps down in equities as good as