Weekly Round Up: BNP Paribas “afraid” of Bitcoin, Visa highlights BTC intensity and more

Welcome to 99Bitcoins’ latest weekly turn adult with a many critical news of a past week.

Bitcoin sell Bitcurex launches “No Fees for Greece”

no_fees_for_greeceAs a mercantile conditions in Greece keeps on trending downwards, it has led to some turn of fad in a Bitcoin world. There have been claims that a cost increase, that has characterized Bitcoin market, is attributable to a conditions in Greece.

However, no explanation has been brought brazen to uncover a claims reason any water. All a same, this idea has not kept hulk players in a income sell market, from entrance to a rescue of Greek citizens.

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Reid Hoffman: Why a blockchain matters

At slightest one tellurian cryptocurrency will grasp mass-market adoption. That cryptocurrency will possibly be Bitcoin or a derivative desirous by it. The possibility that it will be a former is so clever that in 2014 we invested in Bitcoin startups Xapo and Blockstream.

And yet, maybe surprisingly, when one of a really intelligent people we know in Silicon Valley recently told me he’s a vital “Bitcoin sceptic” who has not

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