Weekly Round Up: VC loves Bitcoin, IBM praises blockchain and more

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Bitcoin sell Kraken announces new price structure

Kraken_Bitcoin_ExchangeAfter starting their tour in 2011, Kraken sell has turn one of a many renouned and widely used Bitcoin exchanges in a network.

The San Francisco-based association is a favourite amongst the veteran traders due to its innovative features, quick execution, high security, and well-developed support.

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Can spyware couple Bitcoin sell to addresses?

Following a hacking occurrence on Italian spyware association Hacking Team, a emanate on either Bitcoin sell can be related to addresses has been raised. In particular, drones that can implement spyware by wifi networks are seen to be a intensity hazard to Bitcoin network anonymity.

On a one hand, this could have advantages given it could concede governments and authorities to lane down rapist activity that involves Bitcoin.

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CEX.io to set adult cryptocurrency sell services in Latin America

latin america map

Latin America. Credits: Douglas Fernandes

Bitcoin users in Latin American will finally have their really possess sell use thanks

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