Western Union’s WU EDGE B2C Platform Competes with Bitcoin

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Competition from a digital banking zone has forced Western Union to deliver new fee-free network remuneration structure called WU EDGE. The new height is slated to capacitate sell between dual parties in a matter of minutes. With WU EDGE, Western Union (NYSE : WU) intends to contest with Bitcoin-based remittance and payments platforms that have been charity present transfers given their introduction. However, there are banking sell charges germane for sell over WU EDGE.

WU EDGE, an Attempt to Keep adult with Bitcoin

Until recently, there were singular options accessible for people to send income opposite geographical boundaries. Those divided from their families; operative in opposite countries; businesses operative with general clients; and freelancers operative on projects for those in other tools of a world, were all made to possibly govern a handle send from their bank accounts or use other centralized remittance services like a Western Union and MoneyGram (NASDAQ:MGI). In both a cases, a patron was forced to bear transaction charges and banking acclimatisation fees. Depending on a transaction size, these charges can spin out to be a tiny fortune. However, things have altered in a remittance marketplace given bitcoin and other digital currencies made an appearance.


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