What if a Government Is Not Worth Thanking?

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lewrockwell.com / By Andrew P. Napolitano / Nov 24, 2016

What if on Thanksgiving Day there is some-more to be worried about than there is to be grateful for? What if a domestic deteriorate from ruin is not over though merely transformed? What if a choosing deteriorate by that we all only suffered is a wonder of things to come?

What if a choosing was motionless not on issues though on emotions? What if many people who voted for boss chose a claimant they hated less? What if people talked some-more about videotapes, emails, private function and open dishonesty than they did about issues that arise underneath a Constitution? What if a videotapes and a emails worried feelings of offend that encouraged millions of electorate to make choices? What if those romantic choices led them to Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton?

What if, on a issues that arise underneath a Constitution, Clinton and Trump have a common faith during their core — that supervision should enhance to residence whatever needs a politicians who run it can identify?

What if conjunction Clinton nor Trump voiced any distrust of government? What if, instead, they showed a eagerness to welcome it? What if there was small or no talk

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