What if the Government Is Not Worth Thanking?


lewrockwell.com / By Andrew P. Napolitano / November 24, 2016

What if on Thanksgiving Day there is more to be fearful about than there is to be thankful for? What if our political season from hell is not over but merely transformed? What if the election season through which we all just suffered is a portent of things to come?

What if the election was decided not on issues but on emotions? What if most people who voted for president chose the candidate they hated less? What if people talked more about videotapes, emails, private behavior and public deception than they did about issues that arise under the Constitution? What if the videotapes and the emails aroused feelings of disgust that motivated millions of voters to make choices? What if those emotional choices led them to Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton?

What if, on the issues that arise under the Constitution, Clinton and Trump have a common belief at their core — that government should expand to address whatever needs the politicians who run it can identify?

What if neither Clinton nor Trump expressed any mistrust of government? What if, instead, they showed a willingness to embrace it? What if there was little or no talk during the campaign of personal liberty in a free society? What if there was little or no talk during the campaign about how the federal government should stay within the confines of the Constitution? What if there was no talk at all by either candidate during the campaign of the Constitution itself and the values that underlie it and its unambiguous recognition of natural rights?