Where is a Bitcoin? (Part I)

The physical plcae of a bitcoins may seem irrelevant from a technical indicate of view. However, a abovementioned has good significance when we speak from a authorised perspective.

It is undoubted that one of a categorical facilities of Bitcoin is a decentralization. Also, it is definite that this charge is one of a many critical pillars on that Bitcoin operates and it success might count on that.

Likewise, per a regulation, we have previously mentioned that, given that Bitcoin allows everybody to send value, it has innate regulated.

However, it is nonetheless loyal that this law (almost in Europe), it is not sufficient to approve with a categorical purpose, given that this law was not privately combined for cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, if we take as instance Spanish regulation, we should request a Spanish Civil Code to this cases, that was enacted even before a existence of Internet (in a year 1889).

It is precisely a decentralization of Bitcoin where a miss of a suitable law is specifically highlighted. In this context, a stream law does not predict that something -Bitcoin- might not be related to any plcae (and related to everywhere during a same time).

Up to date, per “Internet matters” (anyone who

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