Who is Bitcoin Exchange Coin Republic’s Mysterious Acquisitor?

Bitcoin businesses around the world are attracting a lot of attention.  Not just because other companies believe in Bitcoin as a payment method, but the underlying blockchain technology can have massive implications for all kinds of business models.  Coin Republic, a Singapore-based Bitcoin exchange, could be the next company to be acquired.

Coin Republic Gains Attention Outside of SingaporeCoin Republic

Even though Bitcoin in Asia is a major trend, there is hardly ever any big news coming out of the continent.  China is not openly banning Bitcoin, even though the country’s central bank has issued multiple warnings against digital currency usage; and Japan seems to be slowly warming up to Bitcoin as well, but nothing newsworthy has been reported there yet.

Other Asian countries, such as Hong Kong and Singapore, seem to be more open to Bitcoin for the time being.  In fact, Coin Republic, one of the few Bitcoin exchanges based in Singapore, has attracted attention from a source outside of the country.  It is rare that an Asian company could be acquired by a company in a different country, let alone a different continent.

Coin Republic has been around since 2013, and serves two

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