Why Online Educators and Consultants Love Streamium and Bitcoin

Although the Streamium development team has claimed half of their users are cam girls and other types of adult entertainers, there is also a small contingent of online educators and consultants who have found value in the platform. Due to the scalability issues facing Streamium right now, it appears that one-on-one use cases are seeing the highest levels of adoption at this time. According to Streamium Developer Manuel Aráoz, the pay-per-second model found in the streaming service is what online educators, consultants, and other freelancers find most attractive.

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Who is Using Streamium?

Aráoz and fellow Streamium Developer Esteban Ordano were recently interviewed for an episode of Epicenter Bitcoin, and the current Streamium user base eventually become the topic of conversation. After explaining that half of Streamium users are essentially cam girls, Aráoz pointed out some of the other main types of users found on the platform:

“In education we have several language classes, like English or Spanish teachers, and a small amount of users doing consulting. On the gaming side, it’s mainly just people playing video games and streaming their screens when they play. That’s a feature

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