Why The Blockchain is Not A Flash in The Pan

Despite its success throughout the years, there are a lot of people who still think the blockchain hype will go bust in the next few years. While there are several thousands of use cases for this technological marvel, very few of those concepts have come to fruition. The year 2016 will be an interesting one for the blockchain and Bitcoin alike, as all of the VC funds has to start paying off sooner rather than later.

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Real Advantages To Embracing The Blockchain

DigitalMoneyTines_BlockchainRather than droning on about the technology that powers the blockchain itself, let’s take a look at the advantages this innovation holds compared to existing solutions. Terms such as decentralization and transparency are thrown around far too often, and we need to dig a little deeper to reach the core potential.

Security is on everybody’s mind these days, as the number of attacks against websites, financial institutions, payment terminals, and companies is growing year on year. Inadequate security protocols need to be upgraded, and the blockchain is a perfect candidate to achieve that goal. Its distributed database aspects

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