Why a CFTC Bitfinex Enforcement Actually Benefits Bitcoin Exchanges

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Kevin Batteh is now a partner with Delta Strategy Group, a heading supervision affairs organisation in a derivatives and blockchain industries. He is also an confidant to a Chamber of Digital Commerce, a world’s largest trade organisation representing a digital item and blockchain industry.

In this op-ed, Batteh offers a viewpoint on a new allotment between Hong Kong-based bitcoin sell Bitfinex and a US Commodity Futures Trading Commission.


Businesses might disgust fatiguing regulation, though they roughly always acquire regulatory certainty, even if they are certain they don’t like a sold regulation. Regulatory certainty is predicted and allows businesses to approve with rules, to plan, and to equivocate risks, like a risk of a supervision determining to close down their business.

Many of my clients tell me they would rather know what a manners are, even if they are bad rules, than work in an capricious regulatory sourroundings with a hazard of a dear coercion movement looming.

Trading in digital currencies or “tokens” – including bitcoin – is apropos some-more commonplace.

Today, bitcoin, sky and hundreds of other tokens are traded on tellurian exchanges. While we can all be certain that digital currencies are

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