Will all Securities Exchanges end up Running on the Blockchain?

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will-all-securities-exchanges-end-up-running-on-the-blockchainBitcoin’s underlying distributed ledger technology, the blockchain, has many possible applications and is currently being trialed and implemented in a range of different industries. One of the most cited industries in which the blockchain is causing disruption is in the financial industry.

From reducing administrative and operational costs to processing cross-border payments and the settlement of securities, the blockchain is slowly changing how things are done in the financial industry. An area where the blockchain is extensively being trialed and implemented is on securities exchanges.

Korean Stock Exchange launches Blockchain-based Secondary Market for Startups

The Korea Exchange announced on November 16 that it has launched a new secondary trading marketplace for Korean startups called Korea Startup Market (KSM). The new marketplace will allow investors to trade equity holding of startup companies in the open market. The new marketplace

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