Will Bitcoin-Friendly Voat.co Replace Reddit?

The “Front page of the internet” had a rude awakening on the morning of July 2 after finding out that Reddits director of talent, Victoria Taylor (u/chooter), was fired abruptly, causing the subreddit /r/iAmA to be down.

No one, except for a few select Reddit administrators knows the reason for Victoria being fired.

The drama has caused an uprising in many of the website’s most popular default subreddits, such has /r/movies, /r/history, /r/gaming and /r/AskReddit, where moderators chose to convert their respective communities into private subreddits as an act of condemnation. Amusingly enough, even /r/buttcoin (a subreddit that parodies Bitcoin and pokes fun at Cryptocurrency enthusiasts) has gone offline.

This news later seeped into the rest of the Reddit community, causing many users to relocate to Voat.co, a media aggregation website with less rules to govern it. As of the time of this writing, Voat is going offline intermittently due to the reportedly heavy traffic of Reddit users migrating.

Redditors Jump Ship to Voat.co

Pronounced Voat as

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