Will investors rush to bitcoin in times of distress?

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With financial markets now examination a misunderstanding in a European banking system, and with Deutsche Bank’s problems to a fore, does bitcoin yield a reserve investors need in times of distress?

According to a new CoinDesk feature, any ratcheting adult of a stream problems in a financial might infer a boost for a digital banking as investors reject normal fiat currencies.

“The collateral markets have awakened to bitcoin as a disaster hedge,” writes researcher Chris Burniske, blockchain products lead for investment manager ARK Invest.

“The digital banking doesn’t relate with other item classes, an aspect that might make it some-more appealing in times of uncertainty,” wrote Burniske, adding,

“Depending on how people feel about Deutsche Bank’s destiny prospects, they might select to sidestep themselves from a some-more normal markets by regulating bitcoin.”

But are investors truly prepared to use crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin, as a sidestep opposite tellurian systemic contamination when a zone has itself had a few high-profile problems.

In Jun this year, ethereum start-up association DAO announced

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