Will the Brexit and China Continue to Influence Bitcoin Prices?

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In the previous weeks, macroeconomic uncertainty has spurred investment interest in bitcoin, but is this likely to continue?

As we covered last week in our H1 2016’s market analysis, prices have pushed up 50% from 1st January, and two key drivers were, at least according to market observers, uncertainty in China (where the yuan has been devalued) and Europe (where the UK voted to leave the EU in an event known as the ‘Brexit‘).

Looking ahead to the second half of the year, it remains unclear, however, if these events will continue to be factors impacting digital currency price movements.

But, economists are now suggesting that should China’s economy falter in the wake of the ‘Brexit’, heightened risk aversion may cause investors to look again at risk-off assets including bitcoin.

Three economists spoke with CoinDesk about this situation, shedding some light on the complex nature of China’s economy and how the global superpower could be adversely affected by the Brexit.

Risk to trade

Since China does substantial business with both the UK and the broader European Union (EU), economic difficulty in either entity could undermine business conditions in China.

Sam Rines, senior economist and portfolio strategist for Avalon Advisors LLC,

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