Will the New Anonymous Spectrecoin Become A Competitor To Monero and DASH?

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spectrecoinIncreased anonymity for transactions has become a very popular feature in the cryptocurrency space. Monero, DASH, ShadowCash, and ZCash are the four most prominent anonymous cryptocurrencies, which have been able to take substantial market share as the desire for privacy among cryptocurrency users is increasing. Now, a new competitor in the anonymous digital currency space is about to launch. It is called Spectrecoin.

Spectrecoin (SPEC) will be “an anonymous, untraceable and unlinkable, energy efficient Proof-of-Stake v3 cryptocurrency with an advanced hierarchical deterministic wallet (HD wallet)”, according to the SpectreProject website.

The Spectrecoin ecosystem will come with four key features; untraceable transactions, an encrypted chat function, a HD wallet, and Proof-of-Stake v3.

Spectrecoin is based on ShadowCash and uses the same underlying concepts to ensure its transaction anonymity, including Proof-of-Stake v3, mixing, dual key stealth addresses, ring signatures, and

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