"With Bitcoin, We’re Sending a Message," Says Swiss Town Mayor

"With Bitcoin, We’re Sending a Message," Says Swiss Town Mayor

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It was early May when a Swiss city of Zug convened a city legislature meeting. By a finish of it, bitcoin was supposed as a current mode of remuneration for municipality services, part of a commander program.

Fintech-friendly Zug, a lifelike and loose city on a banks of lake Zug done headlines in May after gaining a eminence of a initial municipality or locality in a universe to accept bitcoin. The cryptocurrency was supposed by a city legislature as a partial of a commander program, enabling adopters and users to compensate for metropolitan services with a cryptocurrency. The module launched on Jul 1.

The substantial media coverage that followed a city council’s pierce astounded Zug’s mayor, Dolfi Müller. Zug had already garnered a repute for being innovation-friendly with loose controls and regulation. Still, Müller had a matter for bitcoin, specifically, in quotes attributed to German broadcasting group

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