‘Yours Network’ to Use Bitcoin in Competition Against Steemit

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With all the hype surrounding decentralized, blockchain-based social media platforms such as Steemit and Synereo, another next-gen network is on the horizon. 

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Back in April, the lead developers of the “Yours Network,” Ryan X. Charles, Steven McKie, and Clemens Ley, released their vision to the public: a platform that places social media in the control of content creators through the power of Bitcoin.

‘Yours Network’ to Challenge Blockchain-Social Media Alternatives

Yours NetworkA while back, Ryan X Charles left Reddit — where he briefly worked as the site’s Cryptocurrency Engineer — to produce the Yours Network. The goal of the project is to utilize Bitcoin to breathe new life into content creation and social interaction, such as commenting and picture sharing, by providing a financial incentive.

In an April blog post on Medium, Yours Network writer and developer Steven McKie explained:

The internet itself is a network, and the Yours P2P platform exists in conjunction with it as the network that seeks to monetize all other networks. More aptly put — no matter where on the web the content comes from, we want Yours to be the destination

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