Yours Wants to Take Bitcoin Mainstream by Targeting Non-Bitcoin …

Former Reddit Cryptocurrency Engineer, Ryan X. Charles, is currently working on a new, bitcoin-powered social network, but he isn’t focused on creating something that will only be used by the Bitcoin community. In a recent interview on Epicenter Bitcoin, Charles noted that creating an app used by a mainstream audience would have much more value than simply creating /r/Bitcoin with micropayments.

Charles’s new platform is called Yours and the main goal is to create a way for content creators to get paid for their digital content directly from their audiences. Although he used to work at Reddit, Charles has noted that Yours is not simply a decentralized version of that social media platform.

Finding a First Non-Bitcoin Community for Yours

During the interview, Charles made it clear that Yours is currently searching for the first key community or demographic that the platform should try to attract. “I’m sort of vague about this now, but who are our core users?” he questioned. “What is community number one here?”

The reason Charles is somewhat vague on this point is because Yours has not yet identified the community that they should target first. Although

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