You’ve Got to Hear What Comedian Bill Burr Says About Banks

You know what my fucking bank did to me?” Bill Burr, well-known comedian, says in a recent podcast. “I walked in. I had this account in New York, a little checking account. Had a little bit of money in it. All the sudden I notice they’re taking some fees out. That shouldn’t be. I get to New York, talk to the douchebag who works there.” Mr. Burr learns what’s been going on.

“Yeah, they’re taking $27 a month out. Here, let me check to see what’s up. Yeah, we shouldn’t be doing this.” So Mr. Burr asks to see how long this has gone on.

“Sorry, our records only go back for four months, because my bank records at home go back the entire time I’ve had the account and I’ve had some paltry sum in there while you deal with billions, if not trillions.”

“What if I bring my records in?”

“No we can only refund it for four months.”

“Dude, what are you talking about?”

“Well, the bank looks at it like that was on

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