ZeroCash and Dark Market Work Together with Ebitz to Bring Complete Anonymity

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Bitcoin Press Release: Ebitz announces a accessibility of an modernized chronicle of ZCash with improved remoteness and resourceful clarity from Nov 28, 2016.

November 21, 2016, Paris, France – A European reliable hacker organisation takes pleasure in announcing a approaching launch of Ebitz cryptocurrency, a ZCash new chronicle reduction his disadvantages. Ebitz crypto tokens will be accessible for squeeze during a month-long open sale starting Nov 28, 2016, during 13:00 hours (UTC). The Ebitz ICO will finish on Dec 26, 2016, during 13:00 hours (UTC), or when we strech a idea of 500 BTC.

The creators of Ebitz have done dual poignant changes to a ZCash project. Unlike ZCash, Ebitz doesn’t support “founder rewards” and during a same time, a accord algorithm has been altered to Proof of Stake (PoS) to forestall a height from being tranquil by few centralized GPU farms. These dual issues influenced and continue to impact a state of zcash. That is because we wish to offer an overcoming offer but these problems. Our solutions: – Change a algo to PoS / – Destroy a owner rewards / – We are not an US company.

Ebitz promises extended remoteness and anonymity facilities while

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