The UK is the center of the world leading Darknet drug purchases among teens. A 15-year-old schoolboy has been arrested by authorities for buying illicit drugs from the Darknet.

According to reports, the teen was able to purchase the drug from the Darknet after he and some friends contributed money to raise an amount enough to buy acid from the Darknet.

Due to security measures, the police did not reveal the identity of the arrested suspect.

The school boys raised enough bitcoin worth $695 to buy the drugs. An investigation has revealed that the school boys ordered 100 tabs of acid and sold the drugs ordered online to some classmates. This means that illicit drug use has been in secret use among the teenage students.

The police got involved in the case after one of the students who bought drugs from the 15-year-old arrested suspect had an accident, and was taken to the hospital.

The 15-year-old boy said after his arrest said that he didn’t buy the drugs: “We didn’t buy the drugs to make a profit. We wanted to try it but then we had too much. We gave it away to our mates.”

This is a sample of the many drug related cases involving the youths in the United Kingdom. Drug use among the youth has been rising recently, and the introduction of Darknet and Bitcoin has made it easier for them to purchase the drugs from the comfort of their homes.

In a survey conducted by the European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs (ESPAD), 40% of UK students or teenagers agreed to have taken illegal substances including cannabis and ecstasy.

The 15-year-old student was expelled from the school upon his arrest, and the principal’s expulsion note read: “I do hope that (unnamed boy) is able to resist any further temptation in the future and that he sticks solely to non-poisonous passions. He is a young man of superior intellect and I trust he will achieve to his full potential as an adult.”

Just this year, another 19 year old British student was arrested for importing narcotics from the Darknet.

The UK Youth on the Rise of Accepting Drug Use

The drug trafficking and the drug use among the youth is a nationwide problem, and in the United Kingdom, the rate at which the youth are accepting the drug trade on the Darknet is a very serious one.

Earlier this year, investigators had a conversation with a young man who happens to be a student at the University of Lincoln. He identified himself as Dave, and when asked how he got to know about Darknet drug market, he said: “I heard about it from a mate who’d ordered stuff before,” he told a reporter. “It’s not really the sort of thing I would have normally done, but I knew he seems like a fairly sensible bloke; he’s not completely off the rails, you know? So I was like, he does it and he’s fine, so it can’t be that risky.”

It has been reported that nearly three-quarters of Britain’s 2.5 million university students have taken illicit drugs. The reason for the rise of drug trade among students in the United Kingdom might be attributed to the profit derived from the selling of those drugs, and the urge to satisfy one’s habit. In a survey conducted by the varsity in 2012, one out of seven students admitted that they sell drugs due to the profit involved.

The Sociologist, Dr. Martin Plant advised the government to crack down drug dealers. He also advised parents to be a good example to the children. “If the Government wants to crack down on drugs dealers, it should be looking at the shop keepers who are selling the drinks and cigarettes to the children,” he said. “Part of the explanation is also that British families are setting a bad example to their children. If they grow up watching their parents drinking and smoking they are likely to copy. Teenage drinking has been going up for some time and even as we see it begin to level out it is still a serious concern,” he added.

Generally, 25% of UK drug users are reported to use the Darknet, and most of them are the youth.

The UK government has laid down measures to control the youth from taking advantage of the Darknet to trade their online illicit drugs.

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