DIGI, a blockchain based platform for digital goods and services are giving away 300 ETH worth of DIGI Tokens to 4 lucky contributors of their initial coin offering. It is extremely simple to enter, all you have to do is contribute more than 1 ETH during the token sale and you will be automatically entered. Randomly selected contributors will be chosen at the end of the token sale and awarded with the Bonus listed below:

1st Bonus – One contributor will receive:

90,000 DIGI (150 ETH Worth)

2nd Bonus – One contributor will receive:

45,000 DIGI (75 ETH Worth)

3rd Bonus – One contributor will receive:

30,000 DIGI (50 ETH Worth)

4th Bonus – One contributor will receive:

15,000 DIGI (25 ETH Worth)

  • The Bonus applies to all contributors of more than 1 ETH.
  • 4 x random transaction addresses will be selected and DIGI tokens will be sent to the contribution address.
  • You can enter more than once. Each transaction over 1 ETH counts as an entry.
  • This bonus applies to all previous contributors also.

What is DIGI?

DIGI has an aim to be one of the world’s largest digital goods services platform based on Blockchain. DIGI aims to solve three core issues in the multi-billion dollar digital goods industry which are: copyright issues, high commissions for sellers and the restricted global reach due to country restrictions from payment processing merchants.

DIGI itself represents more than just a coin or marketplace, it envisions the future of downloadable digital goods and services. The platform will be open for all types of digital goods including e-books, website templates, apps, courses, video, audio, subscriptions, services and more.

Two routes of return for token holders

There is a two-pronged approach for the use of the DIGI Token. DIGI Token holders will be able to either use their token within trading and exchange platforms or use their tokens to purchase digital goods or services from the DIGI marketplace.

Additional Bonus

Digi is offering a 50% bonus for contributions over 10 ETH. This means you will receive 900 DIGI Tokens for 1 ETH when sending more than 10 ETH. You will also still be entered into the 300 ETH Bonus.

With the combination of a great team, a very viable product and a fixed supply of 98M tokens, DIGI seems to be poised to give a fantastic return for early contributors.

Don’t miss out! The Token Sale ends within a few days! To find out more and contribute visit the live token sale at

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