Every week provides a unique opportunity where major events will shape the price and utility of specific cryptocurrencies. This week provides major news events and platform updates to SNOV (Snovio), MTH (Monetha),  NAS (Nebulas), TRX (Tron) and SC (Siacoin).

The 5 Alts to Own This Week

This week’s coins likely to see significant returns based on upcoming events include: SNOV (Snovio), MTH (Monetha), NAS (Nebulas), TRX (Tron), and SC (Siacoin).

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With major platform updates, coin burns, and important announcements the above cryptocurrencies should provide above-average returns when compared to BTC’s price movement in the upcoming few weeks.

Each of the events outlined for the above cryptocurrencies should provide publicity and increase the utility of the underlying crypto. Utility in the crypto space equates to value. SNOV, MTH, NAS, TRX, and SC, are all increasing their utility and publicity in the following week making them opportune targets for acquisition.

SNOV and MTH are the two cryptos most likely to increase in value due to their upcoming marketplace launches and first product milestones.

Snovio – SNOV (Marketplace Launch)

SNOV is currently trading at $.025 with a market cap of $10 million. It is likely SNOV sees a Northward trend begin when they release their marketplace and establish utility for their token within the week. SNOV is likely to have a run-up leading to their marketplace launch, or immediately following it when they publicize the total number of users and their successful launch.

The next five days will provide an unprecedented addition of utility to the SNOV token. The platform SNOV is about to release is a decentralized lead generation service that rewards contributors in tradable SNOV tokens for participating in their ecosystem.

The last two months have seen the total SNOV profiles grow to over 1,000,000 users. The following week is even more exciting for SNOV with the launch of their proprietary mailing module. The most important event is scheduled to occur before the conclusion of quarter one: The Blockchain Marketplace Launch. This platform will connect businesses and Data Research Analysts. This entire ecosystem will be powered by smart contracts using the SNOV token as a means of exchange.

The SNOV token has had no utility to date. By March 31, 2018, the SNOV token should be fully utilized allowing for its value to increase as more users adopt the SNOV marketplace.

Monetha – MTH (First Product Milestone) 

MTH has their first product milestone on March 31, 2018. Such a significant milestone coupled with the surrounding publicity should increase the value of MTH in the short-term while solidifying a utility for the MTH token over the long-term. If the MTH payment system is adopted the added utility that comes this week will only amplify the value of the underlying MTH coin.

MTH is unique in taking the standard crypto payment system one step further. They have developed a blockchain based algorithmic ranking system the analyzes the reputation of the purchaser and seller in every transaction. This ranking system will alleviate common issues in sales regarding problems such as fraud and sending defective goods.

MTH is valued at $0.10 per coin with a market cap of $23.36 million. When they released their first product milestone the utility of the MTH token will increase. When cryptos add the slightest bit to a well-respected coin, the underlying coin tends to respond by increasing in value.

January 12, 2018, MTH was trading at $0.59 — more than 590% higher than where it is priced today.

MTH has a great product but they also have a very impressive team. Andrey Rutskiy is the former vice-president of the development department of Adform. The other members of the team do not disappoint as they include former executives from Paypal Mobile and reputable authors in the digital trust and reputation risk management sector. The team speaks for itself and with their first milestone on the horizon, it is a very exciting time for everyone.

Look for MTH to rapidly appreciate leading up to their product milestone March 31, 2018. If the first product milestone launches without any issues or delays expect MTH to further increase in value.

Siacoin – SC

SC (Siacoin), is currently trading at $0.015 per coin with a market cap of $480 million. SC specializes in cloud storage on the blockchain for a fraction of the cost of what competitor’s charge. This week may be one of the most important for SC as they have multiple developments that will not only increase the value of SC but also increase the underlying utility while making SC more attractive to cloud storage users.

Three features will make SC much more feasible as a competitor to current cloud storage facilities and offerings: increase speed of contract formation, private key file recovery, and file sharing. By increasing the speed of contract formation the users will have a more seamless experience using the SC platform.

Currently, the method for recovering lost files is extensive but by incorporating a private key feature similar to how crypto wallets work it allows the user to recover their lost files. File sharing is an important part of many cloud storage users experience and now the user will be able to share their files with other members of the SC cloud storage platform.

These three pertinent upgrades all increase the utility of SC and the appeal of their cloud storage system.

Tron – TRX (Beta Launch and Coin Burn)

TRX (Tron) is a crypto valued at $0.045 per coin with a market cap of over $3 billion. What makes TRX so very unique is they suffered multiple major FUD attacks at the beginning of 2018. When major FUD attacks occur it places the crypto in a prime spot for accumulation leading to major news events. This week provides multiple major publicity events for TRX.


TRX has their first Beta version (Exodus) being launched on March 31, 2018. This is a very important period for TRX because a successful BETA will likely lead to a successful Testnet and eventual Mainnet launch later in quarter two. TRX is also conducting a token burn this week to decrease the supply of total TRX. This week will not only see the TRX crypto increase its utility, but the total supply will also decrease of outstanding TRX.

By decreasing supply while increasing utility; TRX is positioning itself for a rapid ascension in value. Demand should increase as utility increases and by decreasing supply the price should rapidly climb North barring any setbacks.

Nebulas – NAS (Mainnet Launch)

Prior to the mainnet launch, NAS was a token with minimal to no utility beyond trading. NAS intends to be a decentralized search framework with a search engine and upgradable smart contract properties. To successfully do this NAS will have to move away from the ERC-20 format.

The initial steps would be to launch the NAS mainnet and convert ERC-20 tokens to the NAS mainnet tokens. This step begins later this week. If the NAS mainnet is launched successfully and the token conversion takes place without delays expect NAS to appreciate very nicely when compared to the rest of the crypto markets.

NAS (Nebulas), has their mainnet launch on March 29, 2018, and soon after plan their swap from their ERC-20 format to nebulas blockchain. The transferability of the NAS token will decrease in the short term as it will not be able to be held by ERC-20 friendly wallets, but if market adoption takes place NAS will have the ability to increase in value substantially.

Key features of Nebulas include the Nebulas Rank, Nebulas Force, Developer Incentive Protocol/Proof of Devotion, Search Engine, and Lightning Network Wallet. The Nebulas rank sets up a universal blockchain measure of value. Nebulas Force is a developer-friendly solution that supports smart contracts. Developer Incentive Protocol and Proof-of-Devotion are systems to award developers for contributions to the NAS platform.

The Search Engine will allow users to find desired data in a massive decentralized market. The Lightning Network Wallet will allow atomic swaps. This will allow for convenient “swapping” of your NAS for any lightning network enabled coin.

NAS is currently trading at a coin value of $6.29 with a market cap of $222 million. These numbers should increase substantially following the successful launch of the Nebulas Mainnet.

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Half A Week, Plenty of Opportunities

The last four days of the week provide some exceptional opportunities in the crypto space. There are many coins with major events planned that should shift the entire cryptocurrency markets. The coins requiring immediate attention due to events occurring in the short term include SNOV (Snovio), MTH (Monetha), NAS (Nebulas), TRX (Tron), and SC (Siacoin).

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