Making money is easy. However, most individuals make it sound difficult. All that is needed is a plan, discipline and you are set to go. Today, especially with the power of the internet, there are many ways through which one can earn some extra income. It is right to say that the internet has come to the rescue of most individuals. The powerful tool has seen the jobless, make ends meet. Besides, it has seen the employed quit jobs to work at home.

Without saying much, here are seven new and legit ways you can make money online in 2019.

1. Start a blog

Starting a blog isn’t a new thing. Blogs have been there for some time now. However, every year, there is something new related to blogging, and that makes it a topic of interest. Not long ago, Forbes released a list of highest paid bloggers, and it came as a surprise to many. Mashable and TechCrunch were said to be making over $2 million every month, a number that left many people’s mouths wide open.

Well, blogging can earn someone plenty of money, if enhanced. Today, designing a blog site is quite easy. Platforms such as WordPress among many others allow one to develop a website of choice even without any coding knowledge. You can start a blog about anything. Whether it’s tech, news, educational, humorous or fashion, there will always be someone looking forward to whatever you wish to share. You can make money from a blog through ads, and especially ones from Google. Such platforms pay some money to have their ads posted in between your content.

However, you must ensure that your site has sufficient traffic to score a good figure. Ads are paid as per the traffic generated. Also, you can earn money your blog by providing services. All you need is to inform your visitors about what services you’re offering. The amazing thing is that many people are willing to pay for such services.

2. Freelance writing

Were you good at handling college term papers or assignments? If your answer is yes, do you know that you can earn an extra income using that skill? Most likely, you had no idea. There are students out there looking forward to paying the right amount of money to get their assignments done. All you need is to register with a site as an author on the sites offering such services.

Today, freelance writers are earning even more than $100 in a given day based on the technicality of the job requested. Freelance writing isn’t all about academic work. There are also bloggers out there looking for creative individuals to help work on their projects. You can register with platforms, offering such opportunities to start making money. Besides, you can also write about what you specialized. Let us say you are a doctor. You can contribute to health-related pieces and earn the right amount of money.

3. Consulting

Are you a lawyer or a doctor? Do you know that you can get an extra income through online consultations? Yes, with technology, everything is possible. Today, you can offer physical sessions to your patients regardless of their geographic location. Online consultations aren’t necessarily meant for the doctors and lawyers. You can provide the services in whatever field you might be specializing. The good thing about online consultations is that you work in the comfort of your home. You can set up your consultation through a website and charge individuals every time they hold a session with you.

4. Online surveys

Over the past, online surveys have been criticized. Many individuals argue that they are a scam. Well, some are fraud. However, a look at Survey Cool will tell you that there are many genuine online survey sites out there. Online surveys are usually sponsored by big companies looking forward to releasing a product or service. They request a survey to help evaluate if the awaited product or service is worth launching to the world.

Online surveys are usually short, conscientious and related to your geographic area, age or even career. It’s a task that you can handle within five minutes and earn a few dollars. However, you must register with a genuine site to receive the questions. The fantastic thing about the online survey is that you can sign up with different websites to obtain a consistent flow of questionnaires. This can be done via a smartphone or a PC. All you need is a connection to the internet.

5. Social media marketing

The invention of the internet has brought with it more good than harm. With the internet, came social media. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram among many others, have millions of users. The idea behind social media platforms is to promote interactivity. However, the same social media is a powerful marketing tool if used wisely.

Today, you can earn extra income by marketing other brands through your social media pages. Many brands are willing to pay a reasonable amount for any referrals. The good thing about social media marketing is that you can start with even a small following, and no capital is needed. There will always be someone in your friend list interested in any item that you market. Hence, don’t hesitate to try social media marketing. With patience and creativity, the idea can fetch you the right amount of money.

6. YouTube

For many people, YouTube is just a platform where you can find any sought of content. From the latest music to funny clips, there is much to view over there. However, from a YouTuber’s perspective, YouTube is a money making platform. You have heard of the likes of Logan Paul and PewDiePie making millions of simple videos they release.

You can also join the list of millionaires through YouTube. YouTube pays the page owner for ads that you see in between the content. The pay is based on the number of views. The higher number of views, the higher the amount you receive. However, that shouldn’t scare you. You can always start with whatever number and grow slowly. YouTube requires patience, creativity and consistency for you to earn a significant figure. The best thing about YouTube is that it’s versatile.

Therefore, you can start a channel based on what you love doing. Are you a good dancer or a Fashionista? Well, do not let your talent go into waste.

7. Online courses

If you hold a skill that you can boldly teach others, you can always start an online course and earn something better. More often than not, you will come across simple online classes such as cooking charging a small fee. You can also join the list of online teachers and make a living, teaching what you enjoy doing.

Online classes are easy to set up. All you need is a perfect marketing strategy and the right tools to work. A good marketing strategy helps win an audience and hence the money. The fantastic thing about the courses is that they can be offered at any given time. Besides, a lot of people are willing to take online courses as they are affordable and convenient. With a perfect plan, patience and smartness, starting an online course can earn you a considerable fortune.

With the harsh living conditions, it is advisable to have other ways of earning an income. The internet has brought with it many options through which individuals can see their monthly earning increase. Listed in this article are the top seven ways you can make some extra cash using the internet. Read through each one of the provided ways to know which of them you should adopt.

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