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Valentines Day is upon us! Forgot? No worries, Bitcoinist has got you covered. We are

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Valentine’s Day is upon us! Forgot? No worries, Bitcoinist has got you covered. We are going to show you the best gifts Bitcoin can buy for all your Valentine’s Day needs!

Valentine’s Day for the Bitcoinist

Valentine’s Day is here and if you’re as bad with this kind of things as I am, then you’re probably looking for a last-minute gift that can fill someone’s heart without emptying your pockets. There’s only one problem, though: If you really are like me, then you probably don’t have any fiat cash on you either. Or maybe you just want to use Bitcoin because, hey a special occasion deserves a special currency!

While a permanent love letter on the strongest and most popular blockchain out there is a pretty strong statement and can be done in a few minutes, your better half may be expecting something more tangible.

1) Chocolate from OverStock

We’re going to start off with a cliche but with a twist! Instead of getting a box of chocolates, why not go big and give a three-pound solid milk chocolate heart from Lang’s Chocolates. Nothing says I love you like chocolate!


You can get this item from Overstock and guess what… you can buy anything from OverStock with Bitcoin!

2) Flowers from FlowerUSSR

Roses are red, violets are blue. I spent some Bitcoin, buying flowers for you. You can find a wide variety of flowers (and other gifts) on FlowersUSSR.


While this is an international service, users in Eastern Europe can expect the delivery to be quicker. FlowerUSSR allows you to pay both with Bitcoin and Litecoin!

3) Clothing from OpenBazaar

No, we’re not going to tell you which piece you should get and which color, but we will tell you this: If you’re going for clothing, make sure you know his/her size and follow your heart. We know you’ll do well. You can search for clothing items on OpenBazaar which accepts both Bitcoin and altcoins through ShapeShift.

4) Jewelry from Reeds

So ‘hodling’ Bitcoin has paid out and you’re looking for something shiny and pretty to gift? Well, look no further, on Reeds Jewelers you can find virtually any type of jewelry and you can pay for it with Bitcoin!

5) Purse/Wallet from

If your better half still carries paper money (a.k.a worthless fiat currency) around, then she’ll need a place to keep it and even if she/he doesn’t, he/she will most likely find a use for this next gift, a purse or wallet (no, we mean an actual physical wallet).


What better place to find a purse than a website called Purse allows you to buy items from Amazon at a discount, so you can browse through multiple listings on or you can find your item on Amazon and try to buy it from at a discount.

6) Vacation with Expedia, CheapAir

If you want to go big and take your loved one somewhere nice and relaxing, why not book a flight with Expedia or CheapAir?

Beach sunset in Renaca, Chile

You can pay for it with Bitcoin and you can even book a hotel (and more) on the website directly. 

7) Romantic Dinner

A classic! But what does it have to do with Bitcoin, you may ask. Well, thanks to Coinmap, you can find restaurants and other stores (maybe a cinema?) that accept Bitcoin anywhere in the world!


So, find a good looking place, load up your wallet, and have fun!

8) Bitcoin

Yes, Bitcoin! I know this may sound a bit obvious, but bear with me. Bitcoin is something that you obviously love, so why not share your passion with your loved ones?

analyst, bitcoin

Send them some bits and teach them how to use them. Although gifting money is a bit out of fashion, this particular gift will be one that they may remember for the rest of their lives. If you see yourself with your significant other in the future, introducing them to the future of money might just be the ultimate gift! 

Bit Lonely?

Not everyone has someone to spend Valentine’s Day with. For everyone that is currently looking or still stuck in the “friend zone,” we have come up with a special treat!


Why not look for your better half with your best cash? That’s right, you now use Bitcoin to find love! Sparklet is a Bitcoin powered online dating website that may change your life for the better, so give it a go.

Will you spend Bitcoin this Valentine’s Day or keep hodling on? Let us know in the comments below!

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