Bitcoin has literally exploded into the mainstream awareness after a meteoric rise this spring and summer. However, many investors and crypto newcomers are still nervous about how cryptocurrencies work. At the same time, many new companies are coming into the marketplace and seeking crowd funding through ICOs (initial coin offerings). And yet, many of these companies don’t have any track record or real clientele to provide sales and revenue to support the valuation of their tokens. However, CryptoPay, with it’s extensive history in cryptocurrencies dating back to 2013, has not only the experience and knowledge, but also the future vision to create a wildly successful ICO that will appeal to crypto veterans and newcomers alike.

CryptoPay History

The CryptoPay platform has been successful from almost the very beginning days of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. The company began by offering a Bitcoin wallet platform, back when there were few wallets around in 2013. They also created an exchange with dollars, euros, and pounds as fiat currencies, and were able to leverage their knowledge of the blockchain technology to create safe and secure systems for Bitcoin owners.

After a couple years of success, the company created a new and successful Bitcoin debit card platform in 2015. The platform allows users to pay with the card online and offline, paying at millions of points of sale in the world. Users can spend their Bitcoin at any location VISA is accepted, making Bitcoin more than an asset or store of value, and creating new and profound liquidity for the cryptocurrency.

After another year, CryptoPay was able to create a new and exceptional system for companies to be able to receive payments via Bitcoin in 2016. The payment gateway was wildly successful as a convenient platform to lower payment processing fees as well as avoiding unnecessary compliance issues.

Now, after extensive experience in the cryptosphere, the CryptoPay name has become so widely known that the company has created a new a profound plan for how to expand the Bitcoin ecosystem. In order to complete the transition, CryptoPay has announced it’s own ICO.

ICO in the Making

The ICO was just announced and the plans for CryptoPay are exciting for Bitcoin investors. There are several new and unique systems coming for the cryptocurrency platform in the coming years.

For starters, the company is planning to create its own Bitcoin stock brokerage. Clients will be able to leverage their Bitcoin balances up to four times in new ways in order to invest in other funds and stocks. Stocks, bonds, and indices will all be available through the system, and cryptocurrency holders will have a way to access fiat financial marketplaces in order to limit their exposure to the volatility of cryptocurrencies. This whole system is accessible without having to leave the cryptocurrency sphere for a traditional bank

Second, the new platform from CryptoPay will allow users to create their own Bitcoin bank accounts. Their accounts will be created in an institution that has embraced Bitcoin and helps clients to reach their financial goals. These new bank accounts will be available in customers’ names, unique GB IBANs, and will allow users to make and accept third party payments. Rather than the anonymity required by wallet systems, this new banking system will allow users to show values in cryptocurrencies for disclosure for net worth and value, should they choose to.

Finally, CryptoPay intends to create a new and complete peer to peer platform that will provide an all in one system for the creation of new ICOs. The solution is the creation of a full stack blockchain fundraising platform, as well as a financial services marketplace built into a single cryptocurrency account. The new platform will offer specialized ICO underwriting and bookrunning, as well as fixed income instruments for platform creation.

While there are many ICOs coming on the market almost every day, this new offering from CryptoPay promises to be exciting. With so much experience in the cryptosphere, the team at CryptoPay has created a platform that promises to move the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystem into a new level of customer service and main stream acceptance.

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