Cryptolocator has launched an Ethereum-focused trading platform emphasizing safety and convenience. The new marketplace allows users to trade popular altcoins and provides an assortment of ETH trading pairs.

The second most popular cryptocurrency, Ethereum, boasting an over $30 billion market cap, has proved itself as a demanded trading asset. However, the majority of available cryptocurrency trading solutions prioritize Bitcoin and provide rather limited set of options for ETH trading. A few platforms that are attempting to respond to said deficiency are mostly inferior to those of Bitcoin in terms of user experience, security, and accessibility.

Considering the lack of reliable and transparent options offered, Cryptolocator aims to become a go-to destination for international Ethereum and other altcoins trading.

The team behind Cryptolocator is a multinational group of blockchain, fintech, and smart-contracts professionals. Developers from Russia are handling the technical tasks, and the other specialists reside all over the globe from Berlin to New Zealand.

Speed and Convenience

The platform itself is a p2p marketplace, providing its users with a decent degree of freedom in choosing the most convenient terms, whether trading pairs or payment methods. As an inherent value of a p2p system, Cryptolocator platform facilitates direct deals between buyers and sellers, leaving out any middlemen able to affect the speed, transparency, and costs of transactions.

Fraud Protection and Safety

User data and transactions on the platform are protected with several layers of security:

  • encrypted SSL connection;
  • two-factor authentication;
  • protection from DDoS attacks ensured by a leading security provider specialized in fintech projects;
  • platform’s code thoroughly audited and verified by independent experts.

In order to protect its users from fraud and adverse manipulations Cyptolocator platform holds both parties’ assets frozen on the escrow until the entire operation is concluded.

An additional leverage to ensure conscientious user attitude is provided by an internal reputation system: each Cryptolocator user has their own rating, as well as the means to rate the quality of their experience with particular traders.

Support and Accessibility

As the issue of unanswered support queries on numerous exchanges and marketplaces persists, Cryptolocator stresses the need for an actually reliable user support. The platform employs a team of competent technical, financial and legal experts able to answer any question timely and comprehensively, round-the-clock, seven days a week.

The question of international accessibility is covered with fully localized English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, and Chinese versions of user interface.

Bonuses and Aspirations

Cryptolocator is incentivizing its early users with discounted transaction fees for the first six months of operations. For the community enthusiasts willing to contribute to platform development Cryptolocator will offer a bounty program.

The entire course of project development is split into several major stages. Among the upcoming improvements Cryptolocator developers mention the plans to release mobile apps for iOS and Android, new assortment of trading pairs, infrastructural integration with Ethereum blockchain, and extra merchant functions.

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