One of the appeals that many cryptocurrency users and traders see in these digital assets is the added privacy that goes along with them. This is the same reason why there are countless posts on various cryptocurrency forums bemoaning the need for extensive identification to verify accounts on exchanges. It seems like you either have to only trade small amounts, be subjected to higher fees, or sacrifice much of your privacy. Sometimes it can be all three.

The struggle for obtaining and retaining privacy is real. Best practices have in the past required users to to rely on themselves solely. It meant to question everything they used and everyone they spoke to when it came to trading. This is not necessarily a bad way to live, but it is stressful.

Love for privacy and the desire to keep private information out of prying eyes does not stop at trading and holding, it permeates the lives of many cryptocurrency users and enthusiasts. This is why programs like Crypviser’s messenger service are popular among the cryptocommunity.

Secure conversations

Programs with the intention of keeping conversations are not a new idea, but none have been specifically geared toward the hearts and minds of cryptocurrency users -to my knowledge st least.

End to end encryption for chats is necessary if you want to be sure that there is no one else viewing or skimming off the conversations. The basic way that end to end encryption works relies on a message being created, encrypted, sent, and then decrypted by the intended recipient with their decryption key. Anyone without that key would be unable to access the data within that message, though it would be known that a message was sent.

Crypviser is dedicated to preserving the privacy of its messenger users by maintaining and improving their encryption algorithms. Since encryption methods are up to date and robust, Crypviser’s users can certain of their privacy.

Use cases of Crypviser messenger

Crypviser messenger allows its users to have practically anonymous conversations that cannot be followed or decrypted. This could be voice, text, group chat, or video chat. The same kind technology that many governments, large corporations, and other groups can now be accessible to individuals and smaller businesses.

Meaning, conversations about investments or trading can stay between you and intended parties. Short of someone within those parties releasing or leaking the contents of that conversation, there is no way to have content intercepted or mined. This changes the entire paradigm, now we will have more time to consider who we trust and not what we trust.

Its messenger function is just one of the many interesting aspects of the Crypviser project. The secure and encrypted storage of documents and conversations locally also mean that users do not need to worry about their device becoming compromised. This project may be worth checking out.

The Project and its ICO:

Disclaimer: This is not investment or trading advice, always do your own independent research. This is a sponsored article.

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