Abra Continues To Improve Support For US banks And Credit Union

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The past few weeks have been quite exciting for the Abra team. The bitcoin-based money transfer service continues to add a lot of support for US bank accounts and credit unions. Not too long ago, the list had grown to over 50 US banks, which is quite impressive. As of yesterday, the company added another dozen institutions to this quickly expanding list. Abra seems to be firing on all cylinders as we speak.

Abra Continues To Grow Exponentially

it is positive to see Abra make such progress in a short amount of time. The company unveiled they further improved support to fund Abra accounts from US bank accounts and credit unions. To be more specific, a total of 63 institutions are now supported. That is quite a substantial amount, to say the least. The bitcoin-based money transfer service continues to grow and expand at an accelerated pace as of right now.

Among the newly supported US banks are quite a few big names. Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo, PNC, and US Bank are just a few of these names.  It is also positive to see so many credit unions on

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