Russian airline wants to accept Bitcoin

The Russian airline Aeroflot is investing 24.6 million rubles (approximately 358,000 euros) to analyze the potential of cryptanalysis.

The use of cryptosciences has risen worldwide, according to Aeroflot in a notice. The technology has numerous advantages, including no additional fees and fast execution of transactions. This is why the company wants to check the use of cryptoscripts and their technical base “blockchain”.

In the future, the airline could imagine the payment of airline tickets with digital currencies. Prior to this, demand, costs and risks are to be analyzed by 10 December 2017. The company receives the backing from the policy. Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin and the Russian central bank have shown interest in cryptic stimuli.

180 degree sweep of the policy

A few years ago, Russia’s policy towards Bitcoin, Ether & Co. was even more critical. “At the latest by 2014 or 2015” Vice-Treasury Secretary Alexei Moiseyev wanted to ban all cryptic ferries. High money and imprisonment were in the room. But at the end of 2016, a 180-degree turn was made. The central bank is now considering official recognition as a means of payment.

The first companies have already implemented the change of course. A few weeks ago the Russian online payment service Chronopay has announced to enable transactions by bitcoin. Qiwi, a company listed in NASDAQ from Russia, has also set up a subsidiary for 1.7 million US dollars to develop blockchain products.

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