Alibabacoin Foundation is on their way making their goals come true. To those who have not yet heard, they already listed their coin in the top exchanges—BitForex, Coinbene, OOOBTC, DragonEX, IDAX, TOPBTC, RightBTC, Coinsuper and Sistemkoin. For coin holders who want to use their ABBC to trade, you can register and complete the requirements of these nine exchanges. After that, you can deposit your ABBC and start trading.

While achieving their goal of listing in nine major exchanges at the same time, they are now setting their sights into other areas. The company announced very recently that they will be collaborating with 30 popular shopping sites around the world. They are planning to include Amazon and eBay according to the Alibabacoin Foundation CEO Jason Daniel Paul Philip. The company is a kind that fulfills their promises to their audience. When they said that they will list in nine exchanges, they really did it. Now, users can look forward to their new goal which is the shopping malls.

The company is a leader in cryptocurrency industry. They supported a charity for those who are less fortunate, they made the Multi Crypto Wallet that supports up to six cryptocurrencies and is equipped with very high security features like facial recognition and more, they listed in the best exchanges at the same time, and now they are aiming to go further.

Now, they want to provide a payment method with ABBC to 30 shopping malls. Currently, there are very few shopping malls that accept cryptocurrency as payment method. But when ABBC is finally accepted as compensation, this will mean that cryptocurrency will now be implemented in people’s daily lives and transactions. More people will be drawn to the convenience and benefits of using cryptocurrencies.

Alibabacoin Foundation is also on their way to creating their very own marketplace by the end of 2018. They are planning to do this to provide a wide range of products and services and provide multiple benefits to MC Wallet users. Because of utilizing cryptocurrency, you can expect lower transaction costs and better service compared to fiat.

While these things are achievements that are first in history, Alibabacoin Foundation team with their leader Jason Daniel Paul Philip are doing the best that they can to achieve more for Alibabacoins to provide more benefits to their supporters and coin holders.

So now, they are asking their coin holders to start trading and be in anticipation for the next big goal of the Alibabacoin Foundation team which is to collaborate with shopping malls and create their own shopping mall. This will contribute to creating a very good ecosystem for Alibabacoin.


Alibabacoin Foundation is not affiliated with Alibaba Group Holding Limited, China

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