As you all must know by now, I am a trader at heart, not an investor.  It’s always been difficult for me to buy-and-hold, because I feel like I can see where corrections will take place, so why not sell if you know its coming?

But these last few days I am having a slight change of heart.  There is so much money pouring into the cryptocoins, and there is no reason to believe that will stop soon.  In fact, the amount of money pouring into there might just keep on increasing for years.

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Case in point.  Bitcoin.  The last 2 times I saw a selloff was due, they both occurred, but were very weak corrections.  That can only mean that there are a lot of buyers out there.  Not like the old days when there was a small handful of crypto-traders.  At that time, when a correction occurred there were no more buyers left – everyone was all in – and price plummeted.

So who are these new buyers?  It doesn’t matter, but it seems likely that many of them have never heard of the altcoins. Last week they want to buy Bitcoin at $1800, but neglected Litecoin and his siblings at far cheaper prices.  I don’t think that this ignorance will continue forever.  One day in the not-distant future money will likely be pouring into the altcoins as well.

So it occurs to me that now the smart thing to do is just buy a ton of cheap coins, the ones that are moving, and sit on them.  For example for every 10,000 XLM or XRP one buys, every 1 cent rise in price is worth $100.  Is there anyone who doubts that the price of these coins will be more than $1 by the end of the year?  They might be closer to $10 or $20.  What if you bought 500,000 or a million of them while they are still cheap?  That’s what the so-called Bitcoin whales did 5-6 years ago.  With 500,000 of these cheap coins, every 1 cent rise is $5,000.

It seems like those of us lucky enough to be on this train at this juncture have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Like I said, it has taken a truly profound realization that we are in the beginnings of what might be a monster multi-year bull market to make me realize that investing is a better option than trading …

Speaking for myself, I will likely not short any market.  When I see a correction coming I will look to buy more if I can, at lower prices.  Its like we are in 1977 and buying yahoo and Microsoft stock at $1 a share, particularly in the case of the still really cheap altcoins that are seeing some volume.


DASH has been superglued to a 3rd arc pair for some time now.  It is one right side of the pair now. Perhaps falling to the top of the square will be enough to shake it free.

Ethereum Classic

ETC has been moribund since hitting the 3rd arc.  When it gets to the arc again, let’s see what she does.


ETH has been stuck in an arc pair for some time.  But it appears that she will be forced to either break up or break down.  My guess is she will break upwards.


LTC corrected at the end of a square.  She will test that 4th arc again soon.  My guess is she will penetrate it.


Augur has had plenty of time to advance since clearing the last arc.  The fact that she has not means she probably will continue moving sideways to the next arc.


XBT corrected at the 3rd arc of this setup as expected.  But it was/is a weak correction. My guess is that the arc will yield on the next test.  Next resistances are $2600 (4th arc) and $3600 (5th arc).

Stellar Lumens

I like Stellar Lumens.  I see that the 2nd arc has been a problem though. If the next test of the arc fails, price will likely fall.  If it does, I will use the opportunity to buy more.

Remember:  The author is a trader who is subject to all manner of error in judgment.  Do your own research, and be prepared to take full responsibility for your own trades.