Over the years the popularity in buying and selling cryptocurrencies has increased a lot. With the current market cap increasing by the billions, brokers and exchanges have seen in great influx of new registrations. One of these brokers, which has been in the market for years, is Anycoin Direct. Today we are going to take a look at the possibilities of one of Europa’s most trusted brokers.

What is Anycoin Direct?

Let’s take a look at who/what Anycoin Direct is exactly. Anycoin Direct is a crypto-broker. A place to safely buy your own digital currencies. The company was founded in 2013 by three friends and since then the platform has grown to over 400,000 satisfied customers. On the platform, you have the choice of as many as 22 different coins!


The platform of Anycoin Direct has a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Currently, 22 different coins are offered on the platform. Every coin that they offer have an overview page filled with all the information you might need. For example, take Bitcoin. If you would like to know what Bitcoin really is all about, or how you can buy/sell it, and what kind of wallets you might need, the Bitcoin overview page will set you up.


When buying and selling cryptocurrency you need a wallet. Holding your own wallets is the safest way in storing your cryptocurrencies. This means you need to choose your own wallet. Having trouble choosing? Anycoin Direct has written guides and provided recommended wallets per coin, this will still help you make a reliable choice for a wallet.

Customer Service

In addition to user friendliness, it is also important for a platform to be customer friendly. Anycoin Direct focuses heavily on giving a customer the best experience possible. With over 12.500 positive reviews, and a customer support team that is there to help 7 days of the week, the company is one of the most trustworthy crypto-brokers in Europe.

In addition to making it easy to reach customer service, Anycoin Direct has also created several manuals. For example, there are tutorials which explain step by step how to buy or sell a coin. There are even more manuals explaining blockchain explorers and wallets. Besides these manuals, they also provide a lot of background information. For example, they have written a whole page on what Bitcoin really is all about. Anycoin Direct has made sure that beginners and experts both are very welcome on their platform .


An important aspect when choosing a platform is of course reliability. Since the cryptocurrency market has seen many scams in the past, reliability is one of the biggest key-factors a company can focus on. That’s why the company has fought to receive a registration at the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) in 2020. The DNB provides financial supervision of financial services and companies related to crypto-currencies. In addition, they check if Anycoin Direct is following the rules which ensures better protection for users. In a nutshell, Anycoin Direct has proven itself worthy of being a trustworthy crypto-broker.


Offering: 22 coins.

Fee: 1-2% + transaction fee and administration fee (€0.50)

Payment methods: iDEAL, Sofort, Giropay, EPS, SEPA, MyBank , Bancontact and Credit card

Built-in wallets: No, you need to arrange own wallet software.

Customer service: Live chat, phone and email.

Phone number: +31 413 747 174

Email address: [email protected]


Are you looking for a reliable, user and customer friendly and safe place to buy cryptocurrency? Then Anycoin Direct is the place to be. They have low fees, an attractive affiliate program and a friendly and experienced customer support team. All in all, it is a good choice to buy and sell cryptos at Anycoin Direct.

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