New York/Lisbon, January 23rd, 2018 – After the huge success of the APPC Initial Coin Offering, which reached its hard cap after only 7 short days, the Aptoide team is already actively implementing the blockchain-based AppCoins protocol. The protocol was created with the purpose of solving many of the current problems regarding mobile advertising, in-app purchases and app-approval. The aim is to create a new common language that can add value to all players within the ecosystem, cutting the bureaucracy and middlemen, with Aptoide being the first app store to adopt this new technology.

According to Paulo Trezentos, CEO of Aptoide, making app economy transactions safe and trustworthy is essential to ensure openness, and in order to do that, blockchain is the answer: “it will help provide an environment where developers, app stores and equipment manufacturers have an equal chance to compete against market giants, such as Google and Apple. You no longer have to have faith that the other side will fulfill their obligations. With this technology, honesty, openness and trust will no longer be an issue.”

The AppCoins protocol also has its own Ethereum based cryptocurrency, the AppCoin token, which will serve as the foundation of all the protocol transactions. Since January 5th 2018,  the AppCoin token has been listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance and Huobi, making it easier and safer for all users to purchase it. Currently it ranks as one of the top coins on the Coinmarketcap listing site, amongst their top 100 tokens.

While more exchanges are still being negotiated, the AppCoins team is focused on executing the established roadmap and further testing tools and functionalities that are considered relevant for the AppCoins protocol. Microraiden and Casper FFG are the two main tools being tested. The following step will be to launch the beta version in the first quarter of 2018. Later this year Aptoide will transfer the project ownership to the newly created App Store foundation. At this stage AppCoins will be rolled out to all other participant app stores.

Finally, since transparency and communication has always been one of the main principles of the AppCoins protocol, the team has announced bi-weekly updates on their main channels. These updates are called “ANU— AppCoins News Update” and they will include the technical status, as well as partnerships and other relevant information.

AppCoins is working its way to become the new universal language of the global app economy, and to establish itself as an industry pioneer for solving some of the main challenges the app store ecosystem is still facing today.

About Aptoide App Store

Founded in 2011 and based in Lisbon with offices in Shenzen and Singapore, Aptoide is the first social Android app store. With over 200 million users, 4 billion downloads and 1 million apps, Aptoide is a community based platform that reinvents the app discovery experience through a social environment, tailored recommendations and the opportunity for users to create and share their own personal app stores.

Aptoide also provides customizable white-label App Store solutions for developers, OEMs, Telcos and Integrators, through which they can upload and distribute their Android Apps. The Aptoide App Store is available for mobile, TV and VR devices and is accessible in over 40 languages. With an ever-growing community of users and partners worldwide, Aptoide is now one of the leading players in the world of Apps.

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