Asus announced its new B250 Mining Expert Mainboard, which is specifically designed for the crypt-crying, through its high-end Republic of Gamers brand. The exact price and the date of the market launch will be announced.

Through the Twitter account the gaming brand indicated that the board has three 24-pin power connections and can accommodate up to 16 graphics cards (GPU).

And the running gag has always been: “… but could it run Crysis? (But can you play Crysis with it?) “.

Features of the motherboard

The new model comes with 19 PCI Express expansion slots and has a lot more than the 12, 8 or 6 slots of the competition. Because the focus is on the hash power during the mining, this motherboard tries to accommodate as many graphics cards as possible.

The 19 connections are divided into three groups, which in turn are connected to three current connections. This division stabilizes the energy supply. In addition, there is the possibility to display live statistics, which are particularly interesting for Miner.

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