Bankera ( has set out a goal to disrupt the financial service industry by developing a banking service based on blockchain technology, which will not only allow Bankera to offer innovative banking solutions but will also help reduce the number of counterparties, thus lowering the cost of banking for the end consumer.

Launched in 2017, Bankera is an operational fork of SpectroCoin – cryptocurrency exchange, e-wallet, debit card, and payment processor. Even though SpectroCoin did not intend to become a bank, in order to stay competitive in the market, it has developed a core infrastructure comparable to traditional banks and plans to leverage the existing technology to build Bankera.

Bankera’s services will focus on three main areas. Like regular banks, Bankera will offer its customers payment accounts with personal IBANs, interbank foreign exchange rates, debit cards, and payment processing solutions. All of the services will not only support fiat currencies but also digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH, NEM, and others. This will make Bankera one of the first crypto-friendly regulated banks on the market.

For businesses, Bankera will offer instant payment settlements. Using advanced proprietary know-your-client (KYC) and fraud detection solutions it will collect information about the incoming payments and automatically settle transactions which otherwise could take weeks. Advanced technologies will also allow Bankera to estimate clients’ economic power and thus offer them better loan and deposit rates.

Additionally, Bankera will aim to solve long lasting problems by reinventing how we see money today. Consumers, in general, do not invest their money adequately to keep up with inflation. Bankera will offer low-cost investment products, such as equity traded funds (ETFs) and cryptofunds denominated in “baskets”, as proposed by Nobel prize winning economist Robert J. Shiller. This will help to capture inflation and allow customers to keep their funds constantly employed to maximize the potential return.

At this point, Bankera has the necessary regulatory and IT arrangements and has put together a strong team and advisory board, including Lon Wong, president of the foundation, as well as, Antanas Guoga, a member of the European Parliament, also known as Tony G, the famous poker player. Guoga is actively endorsing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency at the European Parliament and beyond. According to Guoga, “Bankera will enjoy the advantage of being a first operator in the market, as it will be operational at minimal viable product level before the ICO”.

Bankera is currently in a fundraising phase and is preparing for a pre-ICO sale of its Banker tokens, starting on 28th August 2017. During the pre-ICO, 5% of the Banker tokens will be available for sale to determine the price and HARDCAP for the ICO. Each holder of Banker tokens will be entitled to a weekly referral commission, constituted of 20% of Bankera’s net transaction revenue. The pre-ICO sale will take place on SpectroCoin where customers can currently try the minimum viable product.

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