What if I told you there was a game where CZ could front-kick SBF? Where Elon Musk could go toe-to-toe with a giant Doge? Or where BitBoy could seek vengeance against Do Kwon?

Have we piqued your interest?

Well, there is, sort of… Of course, the characters’ names are changed to respect their public personas, but I’m not sure anyone is looking at CE, Micheal Pilot, or Don’t-Kwon and wondering where these guys fit in with crypto & web3.

Cathartic Gaming

Without a doubt, 2022 has punished average crypto investors. Even the largest companies were unprepared for the unprecedented series of cascading events.

During difficult periods people have always looked to gaming as  a form of escape. Readers may recall seeing SBF active on League of Legends even as his empire came crashing down around him. So while you consult with lawyers, follow the latest developments, and recover your accounts, why not seek retribution in the metaverse?

You can play this adrenalin-fueled web3 slug-fest here: It’s available for both desktop and mobile play.

With over 30,000 players signed up within the first week and 200,000+ matches played, the industry has likely found a much-needed release. 

So who is this maverick studio ready to poke fun at industry heavyweights? 

Imperium Games created CryptoArena as a free-to-play mini-game to raise awareness of their entrance into the web3 space. Imperium is a large, motion-capture gaming studio who are veterans in the traditional gaming world. Based in Belgrade, Imperium boasts over 30 million downloads, 15 games, and more than 150,000 active daily players. 

While the Imperium team comes from a web2 background, they’re now entirely focused on building games for Web3. Their latest project  – CyberArena Metaverse – promises to bring the intense gameplay showcased in the CryptoArena mini-game and take it to a whole new level with more unique abilities and cutting-edge graphics. 

What is CyberArena? 

CyberArena is the world’s first interactive battle Metaverse powered by revenue generated from both Web3 and a vast Web2 audience.

Because the Imperium team is already successful in the traditional gaming industry, they plan to use their previous successes to bolster their push for web3. Their plans include notifying their existing players of their latest titles via in-app notifications, using studio revenue to reward token holders, and much more.

Those who enjoy CryptoArena and decide to play CyberArena upon its release will enjoy the best elements of the mini-game with added cutting-edge graphics, intuitive gameplay, and blistering performance. All set within deep lore and a storyline that is sure to leave players hooked.

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