Initial Exchange Offerings are all the rage. The house tokens of the Bitcoin exchanges are in demand. And soon there will be a sale of Exchange tokens at our neighbors in Vienna (coupon link with 10 EUR credit later in the article). The good news: anyone can invest. The bad news: The guaranteed lowest price of 0.085 euro cents is only available to investors who make at least 50,000 euros investment.

Somehow “Presale” and “exclusivity” do not quite suit Bitcoin. Because Bitocin is open source and just because so successful, because all have equal access to Bitcoin. But good, if you are such a successful Bitcoin startup as Bitpanda, then you can bet on this kind of private sale. Because the interest in Bitpanda’s new token is great and it is also true to comply with all the KYC and AML guidelines, to verify identities and so on. Bitpanda now offers their new token BEST for everyone in an exclusive presale. The sale will then be open to all investors from 9 July 2019, even for people with a narrow wallet. You just have to be one: Verified Bitpanda user! Bitpanda now informed its customers as follows:

    You may already have noticed that we are launching the Bitpanda Ecosystem Token (BEST) in the near future. Even before the start of the Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) for BEST, you can now invest in the exclusive private sale. This will give you the opportunity to buy the Bitpanda Token for the lowest possible amount of € 0.085.

    During the public BEST IEO (from 13th July 2019 at 13.00 UTC + 2) anyone who is interested can invest. However, larger investors who want to spend a minimum of € 50,000 (fifty thousand euros) can already invest now. The amount can be paid in any Bitpanda-supported Fiat currency, cryptocurrency, Stablecoin, and even digitized gold or silver.

    € 0.085 per token.

    Please note that the BEST Private Sale only applies to investors who spend a minimum amount of € 50,000. If you do, you will receive BEST for only € 0.085 per token.

    If you are interested in participating in the BEST Private Sale, please contact us. Complete the official BEST Private-Sale Google Form and our Private-Sale Team will contact you to guide you through the Private Sale Process.

    BEST will offer you:

        Preferred access to the upcoming Bitpanda Launchpad

        25% discount on trading fees when paying the fees with BESTT

        Reward Level 3 for holding at least 500,000 BEST (more information can be found on the BEST homepage)

        Wide range of additional benefits and perks

        Constant token burn to reduce the stock of tokens

        No lock-up period (lock-up phase)

        As an Affiliate: Receive 5% of the total amount your referrals invest on your links in BEST

        BEST Trading will start on the 07th of August 2019

Registration with 10 EUR credit for a new application at Bitpanda:

    Registration via this link

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