Developers who create cryptocurrency-based projects are excited at the prospect of having another platform for their ideas besides the Ethereum Blockchain, thanks to the Cardano Blockchain.

Some projects have been created on the Cardano Blockchain since it came on board. Here are the 3 outstanding Cardano-Based cryptocurrency projects: 

  1. Ravendex

Ravendex is a decentralized exchange with unique attributes that keep it in a league of its own. For a start, it gives users complete control over their assets by giving them their private keys to keep, unlike other exchanges that keep such keys on behalf o their users. 

It leverages the power of the Automated Market Maker protocol to be functional on the Cardano Blockchain and thus can provide an opportunity for investors to conduct asset trading at impressive speeds at a fixed price. 

The team highlighted its uniqueness by prioritizing lending and borrowing of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, an impressive feature that increases the exchange’s popularity among cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts who are passionate about patronizing credible platforms only. 

To achieve its mission, the team allows users to use smart contracts to deposit their assets and be duly rewarded with interests on tier investment according to some previously established regulations. The project also allows smooth native token swapping or trading while using its EUTXO feature to support liquidity pooling among exchanges. 

  1. Ardana

Ardana is a project backed by collateral on the Cardano Blockchain, making it a unique project tool. It’s the foremost player in the stablecoins market and comes in handy for secure storage and preservation of digital assets’ values, regardless of the market’s volatility or otherwise. 

The DUSTDstablecoin is based on Ardana that serves multipurpose uses such as lending, transfers, staking, and minting. 

Ardana users can exchange stablecoins and other stable assets such as synthetic or wrapped Bitcoin without subjecting them to overwhelming slippage. Also, the project’s DanaSwap pool offers users interest on whatever asset they deposit in the pool. 

Serving in the financial institution capacity, Ardan offers investors DUSD loans provided they can provide ADA assets as collateral considering the digital currency’s appreciation and popularity among crypto enthusiasts. 

Ardana also provides a lifeline for decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects as it offers to boost such projects on the Cardano Ecosystem. 

  1. OccamFi

OccamFi deserves attention due to its uniqueness as a DeFi project. Its competitors are put on the edge as it combines most of their attractive features, thereby offering users a special platform and an outstanding user experience. 

Among other things, the project offers DEX tools, launchpad capabilities, and a liquidity tool, attributes that position it as one of the most impressive projects in the Cardano Blockchain. 

The project’s versatility is evident in its support for a wide range of applications in the DeFi sector. Its users have a platform where they can lend or borrow assets or exchange them. DeFi project developers also have a fundraising channel for their ideas. 

Despite its impressive achievements so far, the project’s developers plan to launch a decentralized exchange soon. 

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