Bitcoin Press Release: Determined to take the cryptocurrency sphere by storm on its day of launching, Bid4CC breaks ground online as the world’s first cryptocurrency auction site.

Cayman Islands, November 27, 2017 – Determined to take the cryptocurrency sphere by storm on its day of launching, Bid4CC breaks ground online as the world’s first cryptocurrency auction site. The virtual money bidding portal packs a punch with its digital currencies any user can afford making a bid for. Surprisingly, any bidder may win huge amounts of Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash just by making unique bids.

A unique twist to winning the top 4 cryptocurrencies
While boasting its record as the first company of its kind in the crypto auction community, Bid4CC invites initial coin offering (ICO) enthusiasts to take part in its time-based online bid-and-win event that goes on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Great deals are at stake, especially big sums of the top four cryptocurrencies that await the winning bidders. But unlike any other public sale, the auction that the company hosts takes on a reversed bidding mechanism.
Instead of awarding the win to the highest bidder, Bid4CC gives it to whoever enters the lowest unique bid. If there is a mega auction in which the prize is 1 BTC, for instance, and 8 bids are made at 1.02, 4 bids at 1.05, 1 bid at 1.08, and 1 bid at 1.06; the one who shall get the prize by the end of the bidding period is he who bid at 1.06.
This proceeding does not only tender surprises to long-time users but also gives the uninitiated more encouragement for them to be part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. This means that even those who are not in the know in terms of ICOs now have a chance to acquire digital assets just by making as many bids as they can afford.

Big bid packages to welcome new Bid4CC members
As the Bid4CC kick-starts its operations, it fully extends its arms to welcome more bidders across the globe. Its all-new website provides enthusiasts with an easy way to join the auction. Anyone who wants to make the most of the opportunity to win virtual monetary units simply needs to sign up. And yes, registration is free of charge.
Once officially registered, bidders are treated to 5 free bids in order for them to get the feel of the bid-and-win platform introduced by the website. They can bid as many times as they want. But, of course, to gain access to more bids, they will have to pay a certain amount via Bitcoin. Here are the packages new members can get the most of:

  • 0.0030 BTC for 100 bids
  • 0.0061 BTC for 250 bids
  • 0.0120 BTC for 650 bids

As Bid4CC brings forth the cryptocurrency auction, it looks forward to racking up new members who will seize the opportunities that await. Be part of the auction group now. Sign up with Bid4CC.
About Bid4CC
Bid4CC is a bidding evolution, wrapped up into one intelligent action-packed lowest unique bid discounted cryptocurrency auction site. For more information, please visit

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Name: Mukund Joshi, Business Head
Email: [email protected]
City and Country Location: Cayman Islands

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