Bitcoin payments and Bitcoin itself are not as anonymous as is often assumed: In reality, Bitcoin is probably the most transparent payment network in the world.

Bitcoin payments are publicly visible to everyone, but nobody knows who is behind the address. Bitcoin is not anonymous, but rather pseudonym. With correspondingly high expenditure, one can, for example, follow the path to a trade exchange. And thanks to KYC, this is usually the private information: KYC is a process in which the respective user has to authenticate himself before the purchase of Bitcoin by means of a valid ID document. A sensible process to prevent the misuse of Bitcoin as an illegal means of payment or money laundering.

For example, sending an amount of 1 BTC from address A to address B allows the transaction to be tracked on or, if the address is known. Sent amounts and the current credit are publicly available. Actually, this is not too bad, because you can see the address A and address B as two accounts, whose account you can see, but no one knows who is behind it.

Bitcoin mixer disconnect the transmitter from the receiver address by sending the bitcoins to different wallets, which in turn send other bitcoins to the receiver’s address. The transaction amount is distributed by a random number and sent in a delayed manner. In the end there is no connection between the initial transaction and the end address of the bitcoins. This process protects privacy and largely prevents the traceability of payments (e.g., to a Bitcoin exchange).

As many users want to conduct their transactions anonymously, we will show you how CoinMixer * can help you anonymize your payments. If you want to be safe, you should use a TOR browser and an anonymous wallet (for example, Electrum).

CoinMixer was founded in 2015 and has already anonymized over 128 Bitcoins this week alone. For bitcoin mixing, the vendor will charge a 1-3% charge on a random basis.

Despite all the trust and a PGP key signed transaction proof or “Letter of Gurantee”, we advise all users to start with small amounts to the service. Use of the service at your own risk!

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