If you spend time online, be it Social Media, blogs, or websites in general, then you’ve surely read about bitcoinat some point. And the truth is that this cryptocurrency is getting more popular every day since its invention in 2008 by “Satoshi Nakamoto”.

For some of us this still sounds like a part of a science fiction movie, we’ve grown in a world where you always have to carry some cash, fortunately credit and debit cards can solve some of the day to day expenses and payments, but bitcoin definitely is something else, it takes it to the next level: digital currency.

Nowadays you can pay with bitcoin in a lot of websites and businesses, you can even buy pizza, isn’t that amazing? Of course it is. But not everybody is thinking about buying something to eat, a lot of people all over the world spend hours, sometimes days, playing in gambling sites.

This is possible because most online casinos have done everything in their reach to guarantee a safe and fun playing experience for their users. The payment and withdrawal these sites allow go from traditional bank wires to modern digital wallets, but when bitcoin made its appearance everything changed.

Bitcoin’s irruption in the gambling world met some obstacles, two of them are the strict regulations online casinos are bound to in some countries, and the other one is innovation. Visionary entrepreneurs have already launched bitcoin casinos and are having success, but traditional casinos (now called hybrid sites) have adapted and now accept bitcoin payments as well.

So, what are the advantages of bitcoin gambling? Here we go: fast deposits and withdrawals that are ready in hours, it’s anonymous, ID verification is not necessary, there are no law or rules to abide by, there is no maximum deposit or withdrawal on most sites, and the payment processing expenditures are cheaper or nonexistent. That seems like a pretty good bargain if you can lay your hands on some bitcoins.

Another benefit of playing on bitcoins sites is that you don’t need to download and software and you can play on your mobile device without any problems. This is because the sites are coded in HTML 5, no downloads, no apps, play straight from your browser.

With bitcoin here to stay, it’s safe to say that there is no better currency for online gamblers. The cost per bitcoin is steep but it´s definitely worth it for the dedicated player.

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