As in South Korea or Japan, the Bitcoin course in India has also risen enormously and is well 500 USD above that of the Western exchanges. In the meantime, the Bitcoin exchanges are overwhelmed by the demand and initiate initial steps.

As a trigger for the bitcoin hype in India, the government’s debated discourse with the population is seen as digital currencies. As we have already reported, on the page everyone can give their opinion on cryptry. This exchange is intended to help the government to adopt the right regulatory measures for cryptanalysis.

This measure has helped Bitcoin increase the popularity of the mainstream, so many new customers are currently streaming to the Bitcoin exchanges. The Exchange Zebpay can record more than 500,000 downloads of its mobile app daily as well as 2,500 new users per day.

Due to capital controls and strict regulation, the Indian population can not carry out arbitrage trades and is therefore tied to the prices of domestic exchanges. This was at times before the current correction came to over 4000 dollars.

The Zebpay market has already prompted its users by tweet to avoid taking too high a risk as the volatility is currently enormous and only sums should be invested which does not depend on the existence.

The appeal, however, has shown no effect, so the stock market Bitcoin has limited to 780 US dollars a day. Also the Indian stock exchange Coinsecure stated to be overloaded and to work with their systems at the limit. At times the site could not be reached any more.

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