Investing in a cryptocurrency is quite similar to making bets. Both have risks and chances to earn good money. Game Stars gaming platform bets on its tokens. GST has all chances to rise in the cryptocurrency world as token holders stake everything for its success. The emission of tokens is limited to 500 million. All emitted tokens will be available for purchase at Game Stars website. After the end of the Token Sale, unsold tokens will be burnt. Only the smartest and fastest investors who get GST in time will benefit from it.

What’s common between online poker and gaming platforms? The largest online poker platform in the world PokerStars controls over ⅔ of online poker market. The platform offers a large number of poker variations and holds online tournaments. Game Stars can become the next PokerStars of the eSports market.

The difference between those two is that Game Stars is based on the blockchain. The platform supports all participants and provides various solutions for cyber athletes, sponsors, advertisers, and investors. Moreover, users can earn not only on online tournaments but also on the rise of the token value. The team has worked through the strategy of token increase in value. GST cost depends on two main components: token sale and platform usage.

Token Sale

500 million tokens will be available for purchase. The platform is expected to be in high demand, we’ll get to this point later. The fact is that after reaching Hard Cap point the shortage of tokens can be caused by only 14285 profi users signing up for the platform. The value of token will increase and GST can be purchased only from token holders on exchanges.

Platform Usage

The more people are using the platform, the more valuable its currency gets. Game Starts platform will be popular among all the participants of eSports as it tends to provide solutions for existing market problems.

What benefits will it bring to eSports market participants?

  1. Players

Cyber athletes can make money by participating in various tournaments or through selling personal tokens that are issued with a smart contract. Players can use raised funds for tournaments participation fees or professional development, like buying equipment or hiring coach.

  1. Sponsors and advertisers

Advertising companies can choose a team, a player or an event that fits the best for promoting their brand or product. Sponsors can invest in most promising cyber sportsmen and get profit from their income.

  1. Team managers

Managers will be able to develop team members, look for new ones or raise fundings for participating in tournaments.

  1. Investors

Professional traders and investors can make money on GST increase in value by purchasing tokens during the Token Sale and trading them later at the exchanges at a higher price.

Game Stars will take over its own niche in the gaming industry and bring GST to the top 50 cryptocurrencies of the world.

To find out more about the project visit the official website and read through the White Paper. Subscribe to the accounts on Facebook, Telegram, and Telegram chat and stay tuned.

Images courtesy of Game Stars

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