Testing your entrepreneurial skills in the cryptosphere is now possible in a game manner.

The online simulator RollerCoin allows users to travel the path from a newbie to a mining magnate by earning cryptocurrency and reinvesting it in mining power. The game is thought to be a detailed simulation of real-world challenges with lots of scenarios to overcome them. Although many options are still under development, RC is giving a sneak peek at its future gameplay.

In 2019, hardly anyone would dream of starting home mining from scratch. But what if instead of buying and maintaining bulky equipment all you need is playing online games and reinvesting your winnings in an upcoming venture?

“We set out to create full-fledged gameplay for those passionate about cryptocurrency, decentralization and open competition,” RollerCoin say.

Once signed up without any fee, the player starts earning initial capital and hash power. Both are distributed among the players every few minutes when a new block on the blockchain is mined with the Proof-of-Fun algorithm verifying the results of each game. Upon reaching a particular bar, the player is able to either withdraw the funds or spend them on a mining rig.

The higher your hashrate, the more you earn, regardless of the hardware you play on. The higher your drive for victory, the quicker is your progress. Special events and contests where users are granted various upgrades constantly keep them coming back for more. Starting with nothing but the bare-bones – an office equipped with a table, chair and fan – the player constantly expands his enterprise by acquiring new miners and rigs. Upon expansion and progression, a new location will definitely be needed. Factor in some amounts to splash out on luxuries for your virtual character, such as branded clothes, pet or new furniture.

All that is going to be available on the internal websites’ marketplace set to be launched soon, as well as the internal token, which is now being distributed among the active community. It is supposed to enable users to exchange their equipment and bonuses, open hidden levels and loot-boxes with rare items, pay entrance fees for championships and events, and carry out any operation within the game.

To make the token run, a crowdfunding campaign is now on the go, with up to two million tokens at a price of 0.00002 BTC each expected to be sold. Apart from transacting on a trusted website, players are freeing themselves of the problems associated with the use of multiple cryptocurrencies. Besides, the holders will be eligible to vote on RollerCoin’s governance issues.

According to the RC website, within the next nine months, the service will be updated with 10 new games and chats for smoother communication amongst users. What is more, the project’s roadmap features the launch of a mobile application set for spring 2020. The mobile version is planned to be independent of app stores which are infamous for cracking down on blockchain-enabled products, meaning users will be able to savour the crypto-anarchy spirit, RollerCoin highlights.

To find out more about the game and the ongoing crowdfunding campaign proceed to the website

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